Teen Mags

* Somewhat established markets (5 years or more).

** Very established markets (10 years or more).

* Aerie International

We invite honest, innovative, precise poetry of varying subject matter and style. (We rarely print poetry that rhymes.) We welcome short prose, whether fiction or nonfiction, that conveys story and character through image and sensory language and that describes in concise, unfolding scenes rather than interpreting or explaining for the reader. (We are not looking for science fiction, fantasy, horror or romance.) We hope to receive original foreign language poems accompanied by English translations. Founded 2008. See Aerie International website for submission instructions. Currently closed. Reopens for submissions in September 2019.

** The Apprentice Writer

Published by Susquehanna University, The Apprentice Writer features fiction, poetry, drama, personal essays and photographs by high school students. There are no restrictions on style, subject matter or length (up to 30 pages). We are looking for the best-written work and photography/graphics by high school students (grades 9-12) from the United States. Founded c. 1982. Submission Deadline: March 15, 2019.

*Black Fox Literary Magazine

Black Fox seeks poetry, personal essays and fiction. We enjoy receiving submissions from underrepresented genres such as: young adult, romance, flash fiction, mystery, etc. We ask that you keep submissions at 5,000 words or less and follow our guidelines for preparing your manuscript. Founded 2011.

The Blue Marble Review

The Blue Marble Review is a quarterly online journal for young writers ages 13-20.  Its name is inspired by the view of earth as seen from the Apollo 17 spacecraft. This colorful and iconic image known as the Blue Marble provides continued inspiration for dreamers, discoverers and explorers everywhere. Our mission is to encourage the development of young readers and writers as well as to assemble a collection of outstanding and innovative work. We are a free online journal available to all but aimed at the young writer whether beginning or experienced. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis with the first issue published online in March 2016.  Blue Marble Review accepts submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art.

Canvas Literary Magazine

Canvas Teen Literary Journal is an online magazine for teens and by teens. We publish quarterly in May, August, November, and February. Founded 2013.

** Claremont Review: International Magazine of Young Adult Writers

The editors of The Claremont Review are looking to publish first class poetry, short stories and short plays by young adult writers (aged 13-19) anywhere in the English speaking world. We publish anything from traditional to post modern, but with a preference for works that reveal something of the human condition. We strongly urge contributors to read back issues of The Claremont Review. That is the best way for you to learn what we are looking for. Founded 1992. Currently on hiatus.


Crashtest publishes poetry, stories and creative non-fiction in the form of personal essays, imaginative investigation, experimental interviews, whatever. Be creative! Please read our submission guidelines carefully before submitting. Founded 2010.

**Élan International Student Literary Magazine

The Élan International Student Literary Magazine accepts original fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, screen writing, plays, photography and visual art from students currently enrolled in grades 9 through 12. We produce two online editions a school year, one in the Winter and another in the Spring.  We combine the two editions into a single Print Edition at the end of each school year. We seek original, innovative, creative and nuanced work from around the world. Founded 1986. Submissions currently open.


The Underlined website offers daily writing prompts and inspiration.

** Hanging Loose

Mail work to High School Editor, Hanging Loose, 231 Wyckoff Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Include a note telling us your age, your high school, and any other biographical info you wish to include. Be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient return postage. Send 3 to 6 poems, or 1 to 3 short stories, or an equivalent combination of both. Please Note: We prefer to receive submissions from young writers themselves, rather than from their teachers. We discourage teachers from asking students to submit their work as a class assignment. We prefer teachers to encourage students who take themselves seriously as writers to write us directly. Founded 1966.

Interlochen Review

The Interlochen Review is an online literary journal for writers in grades 9-12 or students in their high school postgraduate year. It is edited by the creative writing students of Interlochen Arts Academy. Submit up to 6 pieces total. These can include fiction, poetry, nonfiction, scripts/screenplays, song lyrics and hybrid work. Include a bio. See website for further guidelines. Deadline: March 1.

**Louisville Review

The Louisville Review accepts submissions of previously unpublished poetry from students in grades K-12. We seek writing that looks for fresh ways to recreate scenes and feelings. Honest emotion and original imagery are more important to a poem than rhyming and big topics—such as life, moralizing, and other abstractions. Include name on every page and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for reply only. Submissions are recycled. Do not send the only copy of your work. Please note that we cannot review electronic submissions at this time. For guidelines, go to website and click on “Cornerstone.” Founded 1976.

* Neon Magazine

Neon publishes literary and slipstream short-form writing. We err towards the dark, and like to experiment with language and form. We have a particular taste for the apocalyptic. Neon is based in the UK, and is published online and in print every quarter. We publish writers from anywhere in the world, and everything we publish is available for free online. Read the magazine before submitting! Please send one short story OR between three and seven poems OR between two and three pieces of flash fiction. Include a cover letter and 50-word biography in the body of the email. See website for details. Founded 2006.

New York Times Current Events Conversations

A weekly roundup of The New York Times editors’ favorite student comments on recent news and issues.

New York Times Daily Writing Prompts

Respond to a daily prompt on the New York Times website for a chance to have your comment published. Ongoing throughout the year. All ages welcome.

* Polyphony Lit

Polyphony Lit. is a student-run national literary magazine for high school writers. As the name suggests, Polyphony H.S. strives to present the voices of high school students from all walks of life. Published annually, they feature poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Writing in Polyphony H. S. shows a level of sophistication unusual in young adult journals. Founded 2008. Annual submission deadline: May 30.

**Pomona Valley Review

Pomona Valley Review is an annual, online liberal arts journal published by English graduate students of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, as mainly a geographic journal, Pomona Valley Review serves in part to portray the current literary environment of the West Coast, but, in particular, Southern California. Our publication largely features the work of upcoming authors who attend colleges and universities throughout Southern California, but we consider work outside of this area equally for submission. Established 2002.

**Raintown Review

An East Coast based literary magazine, the Raintown Review prefers formal metric and fixed verse poetry. Submit 3-5 poems. See website for guidelines. Editor: Anna Evans. Founded 1997.

** Teen Ink: Magazine, Website and Book Written by Teens since 1989

Teen Ink has no staff writers; we depend completely on you to send writing, art, and photos. There is no charge to submit or be published. All submissions will be considered for publication in Teen Ink’s print magazine and website. Founded 1989.

Vademecum Magazine

Vademecum Magazine is a student-run high school literary magazine publishing poetry, prose, and black-and-white photography. To be considered, all submissions must be received through our Submittable submissions manager. Current submissions response times vary from two weeks to two months. We seek submissions that illuminate the numinous qualities of the workaday, the beauty of the seemingly mundane. No science fiction or adventure. Deadline for Chapbook Contest: December 31, 2013. Founded 2013.

Winter Tangerine Review

At Winter Tangerine Review, we want the electric. We want the pieces that you have emptied yourself into. We want the imagery that startles us, that stirs something inside of us that we do not understand. We want the strongest analogies, the most devastating characters, the pieces that have us enthralled from the start. If you think you’ve created something that might do this to us, please submit. Founded 2013.

Young Poets Network

The Young Poets Network is a UK site that lists upcoming contests and magazine calls for submission. Some of the listings are for UK residents only, but many are international. The site allows you to filter your search by age range and type of market.


The Adroit Journal

The Adroit Journal accepts submissions of poetry, short fiction, and art from high school and college students for potential publication. Submissions for the upcoming Summer 2013 issue (Issue Seven) are now OPEN. Please visit our submission manager (www.adroit.submittable.com) for more information. If you would like to submit, please visit our submission manager, by clicking here. There you will find all of our guidelines to ensure that your submission is received well, and will be evaluated as efficiently as possible. Founded 2010. The reading period is currently currently closed. Submissions for the next issue will open beginning May 15, 2014.

*The Boxcar Poetry Review

Boxcar Poetry Review is an online poetry journal showcasing the work of new and established poets with new issues appearing quarterly. What are we looking for? Simply the best poetry out there, be it lyric or narrative, or somewhere in between. Take us someplace new. Move us. Transport us. Run us over with a locomotive of brilliant imagery and voice. Founded 2006. Temporarily CLOSED.

Hippocampus Magazine: Memorable Creative Nonfiction

Hippocampus Magazine is an exclusively online publication set out to entertain, educate and engage writers and readers of creative nonfiction. Each monthly issue features memoir excerpts, personal essays, reviews, interviews and craft articles.

**New York Times “Modern Love” column

The editors of Modern Love are interested in receiving deeply personal essays about contemporary relationships, marriage, dating, parenthood…any subject that might reasonably fit under the heading “Modern Love.” Read sample essays before submitting. Length: 1,450 – 1,500 words.

**Newsweek Magazine “My Turn” Column

Newsweek publishes original essays between 850 to 900 words. Write about some interesting aspect of your life in a tone a tone that is engaging, personal, congenial and conversational, but not excessively informal or slangy. Submit via email to myturn@newsweek.com. Cut and paste the essay into your email; attachments will not be read. Before submitting, listen to Newsweek’s automated message that provides additional information about the column: 212-445-4547.

**One Teen Story

One Teen Story is designed for readers age 14-19, although the writers tend be adult, somewhat established authors. Short stories should be between 1,500 to 4,000 words and be the writer’s own original, unpublished work. Previously published stories and stories forthcoming at other publications cannot be considered. No entry form or fee is required. Founded 2002. Deadline: June 30, 2013.

**SUN Magazine “Readers Write” column

Readers Write asks readers to address subjects on which they’re the only authorities. Topics are intentionally broad in order to give room for expression. Writing style isn’t as important as thoughtfulness and sincerity. We publish only nonfiction in Readers Write. Feel free to submit your work under “Name Withheld” if it allows you to be more honest, but be sure to include your mailing address so we can give you a complimentary one-year subscription if we use your work. The SUN now accepts electronic submissions.  See the website for upcoming themes and to read sample essays.

**This I Believe: A Public Dialogue about Belief – One Essay at a Time

We invite you to contribute to this project by writing and submitting your own statement of personal belief. We understand how challenging this is—it requires such intimacy that no one else can do it for you. To guide you through this process, we offer suggestions on our website.

Thrush Poetry Journal

Thrush Poetry Journal is published 6 times per year. Adult market. Founded in 2011. See guidelines for specific submission instructions.

Vol. 1 Brooklyn

Founded in 2009, Volume 1 Brooklyn engages and connects the literary-minded from Brooklyn and beyond. Vol. 1 Brooklyn features short and long form content on our website and produces a number of free cultural events to bridge the gaps between various forms of culture and art. Vol. 1 Brooklyn seeks to motivate our community to explore and experience new writers, artists, musicians, and other people and projects we consider vital.

*Weave Magazine

Weave Magazine is a bicoastal literary organization and print publication. We seek to create a space for a cross-section of writers and artists to meet on the page, on the stage, and in workshop. We celebrate diversity in both the creator and their works and strive to showcase both novice and established writers and artists. Reading period: 9/1 – 5/31 annually. Founded 2008.

**Word Riot

Adult market. Word Riot publishes the forceful voices of up-and-coming writers and poets. We like edgy. We like challenging. We like unique voices. Word Riot first opened shop in March 2002. Each month we provide readers with book reviews, author interviews, and, most importantly, writing from some of the best and brightest making waves on the literary scene.

1966: A Journal of Creative Nonfiction 

1966 is a literary magazine the celebrates research-driven creative nonfiction – prose that turns information into story and facts into art. All submissions should be creative nonfiction that has a research component. This might be travel writing or science writing or writing about a phenomenon (think McPhee’s Oranges or Roach’s Spook). Or, it might be a personal essay that includes both personal rumination and information gathered through research (think, perhaps, of Dinty Moore’s “Son of Mr. Green Jeans” or Anthony Farrington’s “Kissing”).  It might be immersion memoir or immersion journalism or literary journalism or…we’re pretty flexible. Surprise us. But please do not send us nonfiction without a research component or fiction. We also do not accept scholarly essays that would be better suited to an academic journal, including literary analysis.


New Pages Young Authors Guide to publications and contests is a useful and thorough guide to a wide variety of legitimate contests and literary markets for teenagers and young adults.