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What a delight it was to visit Bright Side Bookshop, a beloved gathering space in the heart of downtown Flagstaff. They offer an amazing selection of new fiction, nonfiction, YA and children’s books. Their thousands of titles include new releases and old classics. Their diverse collection of novels, memoirs, biographies, reference materials, and graphic novels is lovingly curated by their devoted staff with the aim of representing local, national, and international work that provides opportunities for discovery and conversation.

Bright Side Bookshop, formerly known as the “Barefoot Cowgirl Bookstore,” was purchased in 2017 by long-time Flagstaff locals Annette Avery and husband & wife duo Ben Shaffer and Lisa Lamberson with the intention of developing a dynamic and versatile space for community interaction and events. Together they work with publishing reps and distributors to decide which of the nearly 2,000 new books released every Tuesday will make it onto their shelves. The store frequently hosts authors signings and events. Bright Side has become a beloved staple in the Flagstaff community.

For us, the best aspect of Bright Side is the generous and detailed selection of staff picks, which included work by Miranda July, Nana Kwame Adeji-Brenyah, Ed Yong, Ann Patchett, Rebecca Makkai, and Alexander Chee.

Below are a few of their booksellers with their areas of interest and links to their picks. There’s gold in here!

Allison B., Bookseller: Mostly horror. Also biography, fiction, and some true crime. Allison’s Recommendations

Allison O. ~Online Sales Manager: Mostly historical fiction. Also, YA fantasy. Allison’s Recommendations

Annette ~ Partner, Head Buyer & Bookseller: Mostly fiction. Also, memoir/biography. Annette’s Recommendations

Bianca ~ General Manager & Bookseller: Mostly nonfiction (memoir, biographiy, America history and social science/justice).  Also, historical fiction. Bianca’s Recommendations

Chelsea ~ Bookseller: Romance and fantasy. Chelsea’s Recommendations

Claire ~ Bookseller: Mostly fantasy, “romantasy,” science and history. Claire’s Recommendations

Cori ~ Assistant Buyer & Bookseller: Historical fiction, mystery, immersive/creative non-fiction and memoir. Cori’s Recommendations

Dani ~ Bookseller: Mostly YA fantasy and historical fiction. Also, children’s books, Dani’s Recommendations

Jen ~ Receiving and Inventory Manager: Fiction that is emotional, reflective and adventurous.” Also, nature, animals, and memoir. Jen’s Recommendations

Leah ~ Bookseller: Sci-fi, fantasy, and Jane Austen. Leah’s Recommendations

Lisa ~ Partner, Operations & Bookseller: Fiction. Also, memoir and biography. Lisa’s Recommendations

Maddox ~ Bookseller: Thrillers and horror. Also,  non-fiction, fantasy, short stories, and poetry. Maddox’s Recommendations

Micah ~ Bookseller/ Marketing and Events Coordinator: Romance, fantasy and historical fiction. Micah’s Recomendations

Rachel ~ Bookseller: Children/YA nonfiction. Also, graphic novel memoir, lift-the-flap science, and history thrillers. Rachel’s Recommendations

Sam ~ Bookseller: Romance and Fantasy. Sam’s Recommendations

Sarah B. ~ Bookseller: Literary fiction. Also, biography, historical fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, and fantasy. I’m particularly attracted to stories about families, and the relationships between siblings and between children and their parents. Sarah B’s Recommendations

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